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Dear fellow GOP Member/Prospective Member,

The Kent County GOP cordially invites you to our annual Lincoln Day Dinner to be held on October 13, 2022 at the Chester River Yacht and Country Club, 7738 Quaker Neck Rd in Chestertown.

The annual Lincoln Day Dinner is a nation-wide tradition in the GOP, designed to celebrate the first President elected on the Republican ticket.  It is both a celebration and a fundraiser for the local GOPs to support our candidates and to finance grassroots outreach efforts for the upcoming election cycle.

We are pleased to announce that the speaker this year is the honorable Marc Schifanelli.  Marc is, among many titles, an author and a retired special forces operator, leader and counterinsurgency expert.  This year Marc has published a book, "Freedom, Emotion and Fascism", exploring the psychology of American Progressivism in politics.

Freedom, Emotion and Fascism book cover

"In describing the acts of modern American Progressives, observers increasingly use terms like "delusional," "crazy," or "deranged." What is it about Progressivism that invites such labels? Why are Progressives, for example, determined to teach kids that America is a racist country? Why do they demand "safe spaces" from speech that they say scares them or causes them emotional distress? Why do they loudly proclaim their "guilt" without ever having injured or caused harm to anyone? Why do many Progressives resort to bullying, cancelling, doxing, or assaulting those who won't submit to their ideology? Answering these questions requires a deep look at human emotion and the deep emotional needs of the American Progressive - psychological needs that make Socialism, Collectivism and Fascism strongly appealing doctrines."

Don't miss out!  "Freedom, Emotion and Fascism" is available with personalized autograph from Marc on the online ticket ordering form.

The committee is also delighted to feature introductory speaker Gordana Schifanelli, our Republican candidate for Lt. Governor in this year's Gubernatorial election.  Gordana has come a long way since escaping from Communist former Yugoslavia in 1994 to America.  She has spoken loud and clear against the encroachment of Critical Race Theory in Queen Anne's County public schools because of the resemblance of the collectivist and authoritarian controls she experienced in her home country.  She challenged the superintendent of Queen Anne's County public schools and worked diligently to elect TWO write-in candidates for board of education, one of which is our own Marc Schifanelli!

This year Gordana takes her sights to Annapolis to run for Lt. Governor on a ticket with Delegate Dan Cox.  Together, they have a laser focus on promoting freedom, security and parental rights for all Marylanders.  And our vote can make their plans a reality!

Come and meet Marc and Gordana in person.  Let's make “Turn Kent County Red in 2022” happen this year with a great big RED WAVE!

Hope to see you there,
Shawn Poulson, Chair, Kent County GOP

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