The Party of Reagan and Lincoln

In Kent County, Maryland

Kent County Republican Central Committee Members

The members of the Central Committee are elected in the primary election every four years during the year of a gubernatorial election.

The newly elected members take office following the gubernatorial general election.  Membership of the committee is set at seven members, elected at large.

All members must reside in Kent County and be registered to vote as Republican.

The Central Committee meets monthly.

Tatiana Croissette

Vice Chair
Shawn Poulson

James Gillman

Susan Pritchett

Rachel Poulson

Kyle Durham

Adam Marangoni

News & Notes

Election Judges

One of the safeguards of our democratic electoral system is Election Day judges.  These judges play a very significant role in our election process.  Please help our efforts to secure a fair, impartial and secure election in Kent County and become an Election Day judge.  This job can be challenging, interesting, and also rewarding!  Serving as an election judge is a way to show your commitment to our conservative values!

For more information please contact Kent County Board of Elections:  410-778-0038